The Story Behind the Topic

bout identifying which lens of writing the student views a piece. After reading the lesson, I asked if she likes informative pieces. She had to write a paper with so many number of words describing getting to the point. That is tough.
In my case, I thrive on personal stories. I am not a fan of data, science or math but if you can turn it into a persontention and I may even learn in the process. Unfortunately, school doesn't approach topics that way.
I don't like topics I am not good at. However, one of my favorite books is "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." I know nothing about science but the author got my attention from page one by putting a face and a story to the topic of cancer cells.
I hate math but if you could tell me a story in which I have to follow the clues to solve, it might actually make sense to me. Today, I bought a children's coloring book about geometry at the dollar store. I didn't know they teach it to little kids. I bought it for myself. Who knew I needed the Disney version? It's my little secret. Now I will sound smart after finishing the booklet.
I believe history books need to be re-written. The ones I grew up with had all the white men as heroes. They did marvelous things but the stories were told from their perspective. If you ask the parents of other nationalities from people my age, you will get another view of those same stories.
I do not enjoy sports because growing up, teachers never explained the objects of the games or how to play the roles and yet expected us to know. When I got to college, for the first time I got an "A" because I got to do roller skating and aerobics instead of team sports. I roller skated every day anyway so it was cool to get credit for it.
If a book does not get my attention on the first page, it will be donated to the thrift store. Show me a character and story behind the facts and you've got me. I don't anticipate loving math but my coloring book sure will be more fun. At least my grand-kids will think I am a good


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