The Story Behind the Topic

bout identifying which lens of writing the student views a piece. After reading the lesson, I asked if she likes informative pieces. She had to write a paper with so many number of words describing getting to the point. That is tough. In my case, I thrive on personal stories. I am not a fan of data, science or math but if you can turn it into a persontention and I may even learn in the process. Unfortunately, school doesn't approach topics that way. I don't like topics I am not good at. However, one of my favorite books is "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." I know nothing about science but the author got my attention from page one by putting a face and a story to the topic of cancer cells. I hate math but if you could tell me a story in which I have to follow the clues to solve, it might actually make sense to me. Today, I bought a children's coloring book about geometry at the dollar store. I didn't know they teach it to little kids. I bought it for myself…

The Never Ending Sunset

Luke. A 15 year old that was never content with himself, his environment or his life. He is a bright kid that grew up getting good grades and fairly exceptional at sports loved and accepted by many in his modern-day society. His mind was what made him truly special. He had an idea that our minds created its own reality different from everyone else's. That we saw colours and objects differently, and that everyone's interpretation on everything was different. Many thought he was a fool to think this way, that his mind was too far off where it should be. It dragged him into a wonderful confusion that he wouldn't yet be able to understand. He chased sunsets in his reality. Bright pink skies with a sun that resembled the colour of an orange. When he entered his reality he believed it was perfect. The sun set over a hill. As the sun set he started to run, in order not to lose it. That was when he would re appear in his apparent reality. Trying to figure out which was real and which was fake.
Many worried about him and this "imaginary" path that he was headed but what really made it "imaginary"? His apparent reality was created by others and not controlled by eye. His reality was the complete opposite. He based his choice on control and happiness. In his apparent reality he had loved and been loved but he couldn't really piece together what made it real. Was it the sadness, negativity and mixture of happiness that made it real. Compared to his reality that is only what he pictures happiness as.
Luke was told by his parents that he was lost in his head as he would spend hours day dreaming about the reality that he wanted to live in or the reality he did live in. He would go back into his world and lose the sunset that he worked ever so hard to chase, later realizing that it was right behind him the whole time. It left him confused on what reality is. Can one get lost within themselves and never be found. Has Luke lost his real reality to a created reality. The sunset never set on Luke in his reality and he never stayed out of his apparent reality. Luke became a reality that he created dreaming of where he actually was.


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